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This is the first time since 2012 Google has released a camera app I like.

As the Google Chrome team is readying packaged apps for mobile, Holo Web is receiving numerous updates to allow your Chrome apps to look right at home on Android devices.  Among other things, the library now supports all variants of the Holo theme—from Honeycomb through KitKat—and new widgets have been added including lists and up buttons.



#Google came and did a talk about internships and gave away so many free things! Among them a #lego #android! (at Hunter College West Building)

This is super awesome and zmyaro would appreciate it.

I have one in my room :D



#Google came and did a talk about internships and gave away so many free things! Among them a #lego #android! (at Hunter College West Building)

This is super awesome and zmyaro would appreciate it.

I have one in my room :D

Some of my Tora-Con photos were not taken in the best lighting.  While I could certainly do better with Photoshop and more time, the fixed version on the right was done in about a minute in Google+’s editing tools.  I am pretty much convinced Google+ Auto Enhance runs on magic.

Google Music really wants me to listen to a certain album.

Google Music really wants me to listen to a certain album.

Google’s plan to infiltrate Windows (particularly Windows 8) is working.  Less than a week after I set a keyboard shortcut to open it, I am now using the Chrome App Launcher about 90% more than the Start screen.


So are people high while trying to learn about Christianity or


So are people high while trying to learn about Christianity or



it’s like these companies have finally gotten out of their wild college party years and are now trying to be mature adults now.

Same goes for the Windows logo

I mean look at this


Is like someone just ironed the logo

old Google logocurrent Google logo

Literally no one is saying that Google is trying to be transphobic, they're talking about inadvertently causing harm and spreading the information so people can protect themselves.



Did we read a different article?  I fully support spreading information on how to operate Google+ and Android’s settings and privacy controls, but that article just seemed like it wanted to spread hate and fear and throw false accusations at Google and its engineers.

It listed specific feature that has outted specific trans people after specific feature that has outted specific trans people. It called these features something along the lines of “trans-unfriendly” which, clearly, they are because trans people are being outted, and noted that the people bringing up these problems are not being helped, at least not publicly so that others who have the same problems can fix them as well.

What false accusations are you seeing here?

Edit: reread your response as well, and am noting the false accusation about the lack of help.

Mainly I do not like how the article seems to accuse Google of not caring about these issues.  Google is not perfect, but it was very far from transphobic last I checked, and the Android, Google+, and Hangouts teams probably do care about these issues in cases where the developers can do something about them.

Instead of trying to educate people to protect themselves, which, as I said, is a worthy cause, the article seems to focus on sharing horror stories of worst case scenarios.  The article could easily have said “[bad thing] happened to [person].  Here is how to prevent it happening to you,” but at no point did I see the article give any solutions.  Instead, it attacked Google products for issues that, in many cases, are not Google’s fault.  To address one question that did not get a response from Google, if you complain your sister’s old name shows up in Google+, but you also say she has yet to change her name on her Google+, then you just told me why her old name is showing up on Google+?

TL;DR: Instead of trying to help users the article feeds them exaggerated sensationalist claims, such as, “Google’s little Plus project is a loaded gun pointed right at anyone whose privacy is what keeps them alive.”

In the article’s defense, Google’s integration of Google+ with YouTube was poorly done, and that is UX problem for many cis users.




Please signal boost this, Android 4.4 ‘KitKat’ has accidentally outed many trans* people by using their legal name instead of their preferred name as a part of their Google+ integration. Please be careful, I’m so sorry this is happening

Heads up to all my trans/gender non-conforming followers who use Android.

Trigger warning for suicide and transmisogyny in the linked article

*sigh* Where to start with this…

Google and the Android team, and the Google+ team are not trying to be transphobic (if anything, I would expect them to be the opposite).  There have been plenty of complaints about Google+’s real name policy, and I support most complaints there.  That said, it is pretty easy to check what name shows up on your own Google+ profile (go to and change it (click on your name to open the edit dialog).  On Android, to see the name associated with your phone, open the People app and look at the “Me” profile (the first one on the list, above your contacts).  If Hangouts using a name you entered, that is a user error—your phone was just doing what you told it to.

Changing the gender listed on your profile, changing who can see it, or preventing it being listed on your profile at all is also very straightforward.  Go edit your profile and select the “Basic Information” icon.  The article claims Google user Zoe received no help on this matter when she actually received a response the same day telling how to accomplish what she wanted in three steps.

The article uses Nora as an example of someone who had trouble with controlling which name showed up in Google products, but Nora also received a response on the matter the same day she posted her question.  She made no further posts to the thread, so if she was not satisfied with the response she got, she gave no indication.

One last point: if you do not wish to use Hangouts as your SMS app, you can just download an alternative.  I personally dislike Hangouts for SMS, and I have the old Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) Messaging app on my KitKat-running phone.  One great feature of KitKat is that it allows you to select a default SMS app of your choice.  Need some help finding the old SMS app?  Let me help you.

Maybe I am missing something, but I am sick of all the hate Google+ gets for all sorts of things from people who have no idea what software development is actually like.

If Google were a person…

Does anyone think I should get Google Glass?  Basically the only thing stopping me is the price, but I really want to develop for that thing.

Why is the Google Search app for Android so slow? In my (unscientific) tests, it has taken less time to…

  • Launch the Google+ app and load my stream
  • Launch the Google Talk app and send a message
  • Launch the stock Browser and perform my search from there through the Google Search web interface
  • Sometimes even launch Ingress and have the map load for my location

…than to open the Google Search app, perform a search, and get back the list of results. Does anyone know why the Google Search app is so slow and if there is a way to speed it up (or if it would be simple to create a faster alternative)? It seems strange that, given how fast searching from the web or Chrome omnibox is, the official Google Search app would be so slow.

So #Chromecast is basically a cheaper Nexus Q?

I just upgraded to Chrome OS 29.0.1547.23 beta.  I am not at all a fan of the new Files app icon, but woot Google Now!